AI Institutes Panel


Adam Klivans (University of Texas at Austin), Jesse Thaler (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Huimin Zhao (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Amy McGovern (University of Oklahoma), Ilias Tagkopoulos (University of California, Davis), Vikram Adve (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Sydney D’Mello (University of Colorado Boulder)

Red Plenary Room, Blue Plenary Room
Abstract: The U.S. National Science Foundation has established the Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes awards in 2020. These Institutes represent the nation's most significant federal investment in AI research and education to date. The panelists will present their Institute’s research vision and results. Moderator: Vasant Honavar, Technical Program co-Chair, AAAI-2022. NSF AI Institutes Awards from 2020 ● Foundations of Machine Learning: Adam Klivans ● Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions: Jesse Thaler ● Molecular Discovery, Synthetic Strategy, and Manufacturing: Huimin Zhao ● Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography: Amy McGovern ● Food systems: Ilias Tagkopoulos ● Future Agricultural Resilience, Management and Sustainability: Vikram Adve ● Student-AI Teaming: Sydney D’Mello