Toward an AI Network for Trustworthy AI


Gil Alterovitz

Red Plenary Room, Blue Plenary Room
Abstract: Trustworthy AI is being enabled by new federal strategies, policies, and collaborative possibilities – bringing to bear a new paradigm. AI also brings the promise of better and more efficient care, especially for our nation’s Veterans. This session will share several use cases from the work of the National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII) at the VA and collaborations, including pilots that empower Veterans to take control of medication adherence, physicians to evaluate COVID-19-associated prognosis and needs, and VHA staff to triage text-based input to quickly identify and assist Veterans in crisis. Establishing an AI network to scale up such research and development will also be covered.
Dr. Gil Alterovitz is the inaugural Director of the National Artificial Intelligence Institute at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He is focusing on leveraging health information for AI as well as building AI research and development capacity to help our nations Veterans through the Office of Research and Development. He is also a faculty member with Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Alterovitz was one of the core authors of White House Office of Science Technology and Policy’s The National AI R&D Strategic Plan from 2019. He has also spearheaded the “AI-able Data Ecosystem” pilot, creating a new approach for public-private collaborations with personnel/resources across a dozen agencies and working with companies internationally.