Subset Approximation of Pareto Regions with Bi-Objective A*

Jorge A. Baier, Carlos Hernández, Nicolás Rivera

[AAAI-22] Main Track
Abstract: In bi-objective search, we are given a graph in which each directed arc is associated with a pair of non-negative weights, and the objective is to find the Pareto-optimal solution set. Unfortunately, in many practical settings, this set is too large, and therefore its computation is very time-consuming. In addition, even though bi-objective search algorithms generate the Pareto set incrementally, they do so exhaustively. This means that early during search the solution set covers is not diverse, being concentrated in a small region of the solution set. To address this issue, we present a new approach to subset approximation of the solution set, that can be used as the basis for an anytime bi-objective search algorithm. Our approach transforms the given task into a target bi-objective search task using two real parameters. For each particular parameter setting, the solutions to the target task is a subset of the solution set of the original task. Depending on the parameters used, the solution set of the target task may be computed very quickly. This

allows us to obtain, in challenging road map benchmarks, a rich variety of solutions in times that may be orders of magnitude smaller than the time needed to compute the solution set. We show that by running the algorithm with an appropriate sequence of parameters, we obtain a growing sequence of solutions that converges to the full solution set. We prove that our approach is correct and that Bi-Objective A* prunes at least as many nodes when run over the target task.

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